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GT&C - General Terms and Conditions


§1Order acceptance:
All orders are accepted and realized only by the following GT&C - General Terms and Conditions. By ordering, the customer agrees to
be bound by GT&C - General Terms and Conditions. The offerer supposes that the customer has saved his documents before ordering.
The offerer declines his responsibility concerning the saving of data. After completion of order, all customer picture files will be deleted.

§2 Copyrights:
For contents of the transferred files the customer is hold responsible. All transferred files presume the customer’s copyright.
Any consequences of copyright injury will be carried by customer alone.

§3 Granting of a limited license:
The rights of all the documents, which are transferred on “” by the customer or for the customer’s authorised
persons, are customer’s belongings. In order to be offered this service, the customer grants to the offerer non-exclusives world-wide
paid rights, to copy, publish and translate, to modify and others in connection with, independent of media, technology or used methods.

§4 Liability:
“” do not assume any responsibilities for damages or losses of files no matter who‘s the owner - customer or
offerer - as well on internet up or downloads and other networks transfers. No responsibilities will be assumed for damage or loss of any
kind of prints, negatives, slides, photographs or other originals provided to us. In each case the liability and/or guarantee is limited to the
pure material value of the originals or provided materials.

§5 Delivery:
All deliveries will be made ASAP (as soon as possible). Minor delays do not entitle to the non-acceptance or to the compensation.
For delayed dispatch, by the transit period, we do not take over liability.

§6 Dispatch:
The processed works will be dispatch by E-Mail, German Post or by our assigned couriers.
The costs are set by price list or on agreement.

§7 Payment:
The payment will be made only on delivery of the COD amount.

§8 Guarantees:
Objections must be made, as far as they concern obvious lack, within 14 days after receipt of the processed work.
Obvious lacks are technical inadequacies, witch would have been avoidable at the actual state of technical level and do not represent
a matter of taste or artistically misinterpretation. Without recognizable lack applies the legal period of prescription of six months.
In case of entitled objections, requirement on rework can be dispatched at offerer disposal.

§9 Complaining:
To complaints apply the same rules as item §8. It will not be assumed any guarantees for identical colours of the processed works with
the originals. Coloured differences are not accepted as complaint. It will not be also accepted as complaints an unsatisfactory quality
(ex.: picture resolution) caused by original low quality.

§10 Changes / Modifications:
The offerer can change any time the conditions for the service of “”. The offerer informs the client about any changes
by an official reference on his homepage of “” or personally by E-Mail. The offerer can terminate or revise or all
aspects of the service after own discretion and without previous report. If individual passages of the GT&C - General Terms and Conditions
should be invalid by law, then all other passages keep their validity.
With appearance of the updated GT&C - General Terms and Conditions older versions lose their validity.