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Genealogy - family history

You can use the links below, to find out possible connections through the whole world,
about your family name and history.


Der deutsche Genealogie Server (

Genealogie, Ahnenforschung und Familienforschung ( (

Genealogie, Heraldik und Geschichte (

Familienforschung (

Genealogie - Familienforschung - Familiennamen - Familiengeschichte - Wappen

Genealogie Seiten (

Mittelalterliche Genealogie im Deutschen Reich bis zum Ende der Staufer

ArmeniaGenWeb (

Distant Cousins - Armenian Genealogy

NedGen Websites Directory Genealogy : Europe
( Genealogy SiteFinder: Places/Geographic, Europe

Genealogy and Eastern Europe: EastEuropeGenWeb

Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE.ORG)

Over 12,000 geneology links; genealogy for UK, Ireland, USA, ...


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