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Send your message by Email, or call us, before you want to send us something. If you know exactly,
what you need or wish, send your photographs carefully packed with contents and description of order,
and/or acknowledgment of receipt too.
You can send us your photographs also digitally on CD or as an
Email attachment JPEG file.

If you don’t know, how to send your photographs, please contact us, to discuss your requirements,
without obligation about the suitable possibilities. Make sure please when packing, and/or dispatching always
that your photographs have to be protected. We take care of your photographs; we treat them with respect,
attention and discretion as we do with our own.

Do not avoid additional damages! Remove the frameworks or glass parts, which can damage the photographs.
Put your photographs between two cardboards. If the picture is stuck to glass, do the same, but wrap several
lays of bubble wrap around as well. Inform always your post agent about the content of your packing, to make
sure that your transmission receives the correct handling and ask for confirmation of receipt.

Still, if questions before the order, you will find assistance into the FAQ. Before your order, you have the
possibility to take note of
GT&C - General Terms and Conditions and the current Pricelist.
Sending your photograph(s) to us denotes your acceptance of these terms.